WRTC announces candidates for November 2017 elections

From l to r; Seated, front row: Mary Grace Cavallo, Joanna Cass, Zaida Martinez
From l to r; Standing, front row: Francis Guerrera, Anthony Vitone
From l to r; Back Row: Vernon Matthews Jr, Roger Sherman, George Noujaim, Jerry Padula, James Henderson, Joseph Santopietro, Thomas Van Stone Sr, Steven Giacomi, Charles Stango
Missing: Steven Vass, Michael Cervellino

In two separate conventions on Wednesday evening, one in conjunction with members of the Wolcott RTC for the purpose of nominating a candidate for Probate Judge and another consisting of the five aldermanic wards, the Waterbury Republican Town committee nominated the following candidates to run for office in November 2017:

Alderman, 1st Ward: Former Waterbury Mayor Joseph Santopietro and current Town Plot Neighborhood Association Vice President, Mary Grace Cavallo

Alderman, 2nd Ward: Alderman Francis Guerrera and author Vernon Matthews Jr.

Alderman 3rd Ward: Minority Leader Steven Giacomi and retired US Army Colonel Steven Vass

Alderman 4th Ward: Former Alderman George Noujaim and James Henderson

Alderman 5th Ward: Alderman Roger Sherman and Anthony Vitone

Board of Education: Board of Education Commissioner Charles Stango, Board of Education Commissioner Thomas Van Stone Sr. and Zaida Martinez

City Sherrif: Joanna Cass

City Clerk: Michael Cervellino

Judge of Probate: Alderman Jerry Padula